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Took the train Saturday to Solothurn, Switzerland for their Pecha Kucha Night #3. I got carried away and presented 3 different projects: Geographical Imaginations, The CAMINANTE Project and The Great American Pilgrimage (Appalachian Trail). Great hosts and quite the Kulturnacht in this great Swiss town outside of Zurich. Thanks again to all!


Kevin S. Fox - Solothurn__Kevin S. Fox - Solothurn


Through the Monk’s Mountain: The Almkanal Tunnels

My fascination with the Almkanal only grew more with a tour of the Mönchsberg, or Monk’s Mountain, tunnels with Almmeister Wolfgang Peter on the evening of Tuesday, September 22.  Construction of this 400 meter tunnel dates back to 1136 to 1143 when the Archbishop wanted to bring water to the protected St. Peter’s Monastery and Church on the other side of the mountain, in the heart of the Old Town of Salzburg.  For 3 weeks each September the Almkanal waters are lowered in order to conduct the necessary annual repairs.  Tours of the tunnel take place then.

Tunnel 1

Tunnel 2

Tunnel 3

 Tunnel 4

Salzburg Rhythmanalysis Project

In order to grasp and analyze rhythms, it is necessary to get outside them, but not completely: be it through illness or technique.  A certain exteriority enables the analytic intellect to function.

—Henri Lefebvre

This weekend we will enter the flow of the Almkanal from nearby its source and float atop boogie boards—half in the water, half out—towards and through the City of Salzburg.  We will document the trajectory with a waterproof disposable camera.  This, we hope, will contribute greatly to the Salzburg Rhythmanalytics.

Here is a map of the route thanks to the Salzburger Almkanal:

Almkanal map

Winter Bees

Salzburgerland beehouse along the Almkanal.  Honey bees will create a ball in the winter to protect the queen who is kept warm in the middle of the mass of worker bees.  Generally, queens will live 3-5 years.  The worker bees will protect and feed her as long as she remains productive with her reproductive duties.


Winter Bees