Teaching CV for Kevin S. Fox



Over 10 years of experience in course management including 5+ years teaching at secondary school level.  Designed, created and developed globally-focused and inquiry-based courses while building relationships with other faculty, staff, parents and administrators in diverse communities of learning.  Mastery in social sciences with specialization in human geography.  Native English speaker with professional proficiency in Spanish and over 12 years living, teaching and studying internationally.


Course and Classroom Management

  • Designed and taught courses in Advanced Placement (AP) Human Geography, AP Psychology, World Cultures, World Regional Geography, History of the United States of America, International Baccalaureate (IB) DP Geography, IB MYP Individuals & Societies, Spanish I-IV & IB ab initio, ESL and an inquiry-based seminar in cultural geography.
  • Mentored hundreds of students in inquiry-based learning—from formulating research questions/thesis statements to designing methodologies and disseminating results for Senior capstone papers, undergraduate web-based projects and IB Extended Essays while emphasizing strong critical writing and information design practices.
  • Developed learning goals and objectives and corresponding resources and materials including syllabi, lectures, in-class exercises, workbooks, group projects, learning expeditions, and both traditional and inquiry-based assessments/rubrics.
  • Provided daily course management support through online platforms, office hours and correspondence with administration, students and parents.
  • Managed mapping design lab and field trip components of geography courses.


Leadership, Teamwork and Coordination

  • Developed concept for radio essay program focusing on the developing of geographic literacy. Produce and host hour-long short expeditions exploring relevant geographical topics with a diverse public working in cultural production.
  • Coordinated IB Extended Essay program through weekly workshop meetings with IB Diploma Program students and faculty.
  • Advised high school and first-year college students in preparing for and optimizing the academic side of college life.
  • Scored AP Human Geography essays in collaboration with other high school and university-level teaching professionals each of the past 8 years.
  • Coordinated and designed large atlas mapping project in collaboration with the American Medical Association and their staff at multiple levels.
  • Facilitated communication between faculty and graduate students and organized professional development workshops for Master’s student cohort.
  • Planned, organized and presented at 2 project development workshops for 12 Peace Corps Volunteers and their community counterparts.
  • Developed strategy for voter education and registration campaign. Supervised a coalition of student organizations, recruited and trained more than 50 volunteers.


International and Cross-Cultural

  • Incorporated strong international components (e. Transatlantic Cable Project, The World as Village: 100 People Project) to social science instruction at international high schools with students from dozens of countries.
  • Designed and taught strong culture-based curriculum for Spanish I-IV courses, AP Human Geography, World Cultures, IB DP Geography, IB MYP Individuals & Societies and World Regional Geography that included field trips.
  • Assessed needs of two community-based beekeeping groups and developed plans of action to improve production and marketing by training local leaders in rural Paraguay as a Peace Corps Volunteer.
  • Facilitated pre-travel cross-cultural workshop and led 12 students on a senior-year service project trip to native Athabascan community in central Alaska.
  • Instructed intermediate and advanced level English to middle and high school students in La Paz, Bolivia.
  • Led team of 5 international volunteers in establishing a tree nursery and created a seed inventory for endangered native species in the cloudforest of Ecuador.
  • Assisted 10 new immigrant elementary students in English language and adjusting to North American life.


  • PhD Studies, Geography, Fall 2008-Fall 2012, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC
  • Irish-Gaelic Summer Intensive Language Study Fellowship, June-August 2009, Oideas Gael, Gleann Cholm Cille, Eire
  • A., Geography, June 2008, Ohio University, Athens, OH
  • Peace Corps, Pre-Service Training, Fall 1997, CHP International, Aregua, Paraguay
  • Advanced Social Sciences Program, Fall 1995, FLACSO, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • A., Political Science, May 1995, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
  • Language and Area Studies Program, Spring 1994, Universitat d’Alicant, Spain
  • i-to-i UK TEFL course including Grammar Awareness, Business English, English to Young Learners, English One-to-One, and Audio/Video Lessons (120 hours), February-March 2014



  • Director, Geographical Imaginations, Salzburg, Austria: 10/14 – present.
  • Secondary Geography/Individuals & Societies/Spanish Ab Initio Teacher & Extended Essay Coordinator, Dar es Salaam International Academy, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: 8/17 – 12/17   
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Reader, Human Geography, Educational Testing Services, Cincinnati, Ohio: 6/10, 6/11, 6/12, 6/13, 6/14, 6/15, 6/16, 6/17
  • Social Studies Teacher, The American International School-Salzburg, Austria: 9/14 – 5/17
  • Information Designer/Cartographer, Geographical Imaginations: 8/08 – 8/14
  • Mapping Specialist/Project Coordinator, Cecil Sheps Center for Health Services Research, Chapel Hill, North Carolina: 6/12 – 12/12
  • Teaching Fellow, Department of Geography, UNC, Chapel Hill, North Carolina: 1/12 — 5/12
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Santa Fe College, Gainesville, Florida: 8/10 – 6/11
  • Graduate Research Consultant, Department of Geography, UNC, Chapel Hill, North Carolina: 8/09 – 12/09 & 8/11 – 12/11
  • Spanish Teacher, Fort Clarke Middle School, Gainesville, Florida: 8/10 – 6/11
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Geography, UNC, Chapel Hill, North Carolina: 8/08 – 5/10 & 8/11 – 12/11
  • GIS/Cartography Lab Coordinator, Department of Geography, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio: 8/06 – 6/08
  • Freelance Writer, Halifax, Nova Scotia: 1/05 – 8/06
  • Pedicab Driver, Manhattan, New York: 6/04 – 8/04
  • Commercial Fisherman, Tarpon Springs, Florida: 9/03–12/03 & 3/04–5/04
  • Beekeeper, Hummingbird Village, Belize: 1/04 – 2/04
  • Sheep Herder, Helena National Forest, Montana: 6/03 – 8/03
  • Spanish Teacher, South Kent School, South Kent, Connecticut: 8/02 – 6/03
  • Legal Researcher, Early, Ludwick & Sweeney, LLC, New Haven, Connecticut: 1/01 – 9/01
  • Owner, The Ice Cream Man, Monroe, Connecticut: 5/00 – 10/00
  • Community Organizer, Peace Corps, Aleman Cue, Paraguay: 12/97 – 12/99
  • ESL Teacher, Centro Boliviano Americano, La Paz, Bolivia: 3/96 – 10/96
  • Trip Leader, Cerro Golondrinas Cloudforest Project, Moran, Ecuador: 1/96 – 2/96
  • Campaign Manager, Connecticut Public Interest Research Group, Storrs, Connecticut: 8/94 – 5/95
  • ESL Teacher, DC Schools Project, Washington, DC: 5/94 – 8/94
  • Legislative Intern, United States Senate, Washington, DC: 5/94 – 6/94
  • Legislative Intern, United States House of Representatives, Washington, DC: 7/94 – 8/94



  • LANGUAGES: English—Native; Spanish—Professional Working Proficiency; Guarani—Elementary Proficiency; Irish-Gaelic—Elementary Proficiency
  • TECHNOLOGIES: Educational: ManageBac, Blackboard, Angel, Power School, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, OneNote); Google (Gmail, Drive, Forms, My Maps); Design & Cartography: Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat), ArcGIS 9.2, GPS; Audio/Video Production: Audacity, Movie Maker; Web & Social Networking: Word Press, Facebook