I NEED A GIG.  PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE:  Newspaper Delivery, Dishwasher, Golf Driving Range Worker, Landscaping (Leaves/Lawns), Small moving, Customer Service, Lobbying Intern, U.S. Senate & U.S. House of Reps Intern, Voter Registration Campaign Organizer, Soup Kitchen Worker, English Teacher (ESL), Beekeeper, Ice Cream Man, Paralegal, Spanish Teacher, Sheep Herder, Pedicab Driver, Commercial Fisherman (Crab Traps), Community Organizer.  SKILLS: Most quantitative skills still sharp from undergraduate days (count beans, describe beans, cook beans etc.) Can capture queen bee, tutor Spanish, drive small trucks, rake leaves.  Will try many tasks.  RECENT RESEARCH/ACTIVITIES: Developing tracking skills for finding lost pets, Poetry, Study of Walther Von der Vogelbeide, Cartography.  LOOKING FOR CASUAL WORK. GIGS.  SHORT OR LONG TERM. ALL IS NEGOTIABLE. POSSIBLE BARTERING. PLEASE, ONLY DECENT AND APPROPRIATE IDEAS. CONTACT KEVIN TO SET UP DIALOGUE.  haligonia_gigs@hotmail.com.