Linescapes is a collection of walks that have followed existing abstract lines and, by doing so, marked and inscribed the abstracted physically upon the landscape.  Take, for instance, the frame of a topographical map.  In Camporrobles, I walk along the line produced by the frame of the map made by Spain’s Instituto Geográfico Nacional, crossing fields, hills, roads, etc… all the while marking and drawing with my feet something that exists on paper.

I also superimpose marathon routes from one city and walk the 26.2 mile lines in another.  In the Paraguayan Marathon I walk the Asunción race route but in Madrid, Spain on the day of Paraguayan independence.  I mapped out the New York City Marathon for a route called The New Yackalack City Marathon in the Triangle in central North Carolina.  This walk was cancelled due to a stress fracture of my right foot.

These walks bring together, in some ways, thinking about writing, mapping and walking.  They bring to question the spaces of the walk itself.  Are we walking in the landscape or are we walking through a representation of it?



May 2013  |  Camporrobles, Spain

Paraguayan Marathon

May 2013  |  Madrid, Spain



January 2015  |  Salzburg, Austria


Linea 11

May 2013  |  Madrid, Spain

New Yackalack City Marathon

November 2012  |  Chapel Hill, North Carolina

El Diente y El Quijar

May 2013  |  Camporrobles, Spain