The CAMINANTE first began walking in Madrid, Spain during a month-long performance in April 2013.  Wearing the traditional workman’s coveralls labeled—as is customary in Spain—with the trade/profession (CAMINANTE in his case) across the back, he left the apartment each day as if he was going to work.  It was his job to walk. The CAMINANTE Project has continued to evolve in different geographies with day-long and week-long walks in Valencia in May 2013, downtown Cincinnati in June 2013 and New York City in June & December 2013.  In February 2014 the CAMINANTE revisited the Big Apple through a Kickstarter-funded work-week-long performance framed by the practical economics of the living wage as a way to further explore the role of the CAMINANTE in our current economic times and spaces. The CAMINANTE has since walked the urban cores of Budapest (December 2014) and Salzburg (January 2015).  During the 2015 summer months the CAMINANTE was seen again in Salzburg walking the walk for a basic income and continuing to propose alternative economic structures that support basic needs and the personal, poetic and professional development of citizens (not consumers).  In his most recent walk (October 2016), the CAMINANTE explored the relic boundary between East and West Berlin.

For more information check out The CAMINANTE Project website.