There is no doubt in my mind (or in my feet) that walks and walking contribute to the development of the spatial consciousness or geographical imagination of the walker.  Over the last dozen years or so I have been engaged with walking as both a spatial and aesthetic practice.  Much of my exploration has been framed by a few related questions regarding walks, walking and the walker.

First, what does it mean to walk in a way where these three―walks, walking and walker―are indistinguishable?  Second, how can we represent and/or document this process of poetic development, the training of a walk(s)(ing)(er)?  What are we communicating in the documentation: the walks, the walking or the walker?  Or all three?

I bring together here in this space my fieldwork, notes and proposals.  My walks, my walking and me, the walker―walk(s)(ing)(er).

This will always be a work in progress.