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Took the train Saturday to Solothurn, Switzerland for their Pecha Kucha Night #3. I got carried away and presented 3 different projects: Geographical Imaginations, The CAMINANTE Project and The Great American Pilgrimage (Appalachian Trail). Great hosts and quite the Kulturnacht in this great Swiss town outside of Zurich. Thanks again to all!


Kevin S. Fox - Solothurn__Kevin S. Fox - Solothurn


Another 1.5 Seconds of Fame



Check out my 1.5 second “cameo” in the Salzburg episode of Madrileños por el Mundo (MXM).  While Sonia Ibáñez steals the show I unknowingly managed to get caught on camera behind an interesting French moustache.  Look for it at 16:27-16:28.5 on MXM’s YouTube Channel here.

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My Three Seconds of Fame














Here is a screenshot of my moment.  If you watch carefully ( between 0:57 and 1:00 I appear briefly as the camera pans the audience of a book signing/talk in downtown Durham, North Carolina.  According to my calculations these 3 seconds constitute all of the fame I have been granted thus far in my life.  I think it only just that I still could expect 14 minutes and 57 seconds more.


Perhaps when I least expect it?


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