General CV for Kevin S. Fox


Over 12 years’ experience in globally-focused and inquiry-based project design and management.  Created, developed and coordinated project delivery while building and maintaining relationships with key actors in community development, education and information/knowledge management.  Mastery in research, analytics, information design and inquiry-based pedagogy with specialization in writing, geographical analysis and mapping.  Native English speaker with fluency in Spanish with over 12 years working, teaching and studying internationally.



Project Design and Management

  • Created and developed an online multi-media forum for the discussion of the geographical imagination and geo-literacy. Host and produce monthly radio episodes that explore a wide variety of themes.
  • Coordinated and designed a 500-map atlas project in collaboration with the American Medical Association and their staff at multiple levels, including in-house Advocacy and Design (branding) departments.
  • Assessed needs of 2 community groups and developed plans of action to achieve locally-identified goals for marketing honey by training leaders in project management skills in rural Paraguay as a Peace Corps Volunteer.
  • Researched, planned and executed logistics for 2-person 5-month expedition along the 2,180 mile Appalachian Trail that included creative engagements with photography, video, audio, and performance art while investigating walking as a spatial practice.
  • Conducted original scholarly research in the fields of urban, cultural and historical geography that produced a Master’s thesis of nearly 50,000 words, numerous conference papers, multiple presentations and podcasts.
  • Developed strategy for voter education and registration campaign. Supervised a coalition of 10 student organizations that recruited and trained more than 50 volunteers and registered 1,000 voters.
  • Designed and taught multiple courses in cultural geography, Spanish, and ESL. Developed strategies to achieve established learning goals and objectives through the creation of corresponding resources, materials and assessments.


Leadership and Teamwork

  • Mentored hundreds of students in inquiry-based project design—from formulating research questions to designing methodologies and disseminating results through critical writing and web-based projects.
  • Managed GIS, cartography and mapping design laboratory and facilitated student capacity building through the use of cartographic technologies for course-related research projects.
  • Identified key sites for experiential learning outcomes for geography courses. Organized field experiences and developed assessments of student intellectual engagement.
  • Presented original research findings through lectures and posters at regional, national and international conferences with both academic and public audiences.
  • Designed assessments of student progress for key skills of writing and analysis through exams, written assignments and inquiry-based group projects.
  • Provided daily course management support through communication with students, faculty and administrators.
  • Facilitated communication between faculty and graduate students and organized professional development workshops for Master’s student cohort.
  • Planned, organized and presented at 2 project development workshops for Peace Corps Volunteers and their community counterparts.
  • Scored AP Human Geography exam essays in collaboration with other high school and university-level teaching professionals each of the past 8 years.



  • PhD Studies, Geography, Fall 2008-Fall 2012, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina (UNC)
  • Irish-Gaelic Summer Intensive Language Study Fellowship, June-August 2009, Oideas Gael, Gleann Cholm Cille, Eire
  • M.A., Geography, June 2008, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio (Ohio)
  • Peace Corps, Pre-Service Training, Fall 1997, CHP International, Aregua, Paraguay
  • Advanced Social Sciences Program, Fall 1995, FLACSO, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • B.A., Political Science, May 1995, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut (UCONN)
  • Language and Area Studies Program, Spring 1994, Universitat d’Alicant, Spain



  • Director, Geographical Imaginations, Salzburg, Austria: 10/14 – present.
  • Teacher of IB DP Geography/MYP Individuals & Societies/Ab initio Spanish and Extended Essay Coordinator, Dar es Salaam International Academy, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: 8/17 – 12/17
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Reader, Human Geography, Educational Testing Services, Cincinnati, Ohio: 6/10, 6/11, 6/12, 6/13, 6/14, 6/15, 6/16, 6/17
  • Social Studies/Spanish Teacher, The American International School-Salzburg, Austria: 9/14 – 5/17
  • Information Designer/Cartographer, Geographical Imaginations: 8/08 – 8/14
  • Mapping Specialist/Project Coordinator, Cecil Sheps Center for Health Services Research, Chapel Hill, North Carolina: 6/12 – 12/12
  • Teaching Fellow, Department of Geography, UNC, Chapel Hill, North Carolina: 1/12-5/12
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Santa Fe College, Gainesville, Florida: 8/10 – 6/11
  • Graduate Research Consultant, Department of Geography, UNC, Chapel Hill, North Carolina: 8/09 – 12/09 & 8/11 – 12/11
  • Spanish Teacher, Fort Clarke Middle School, Gainesville, Florida: 8/10 – 6/11
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Geography, UNC, Chapel Hill, North Carolina: 8/08 – 5/10 & 8/11 – 12/11
  • GIS/Cartography Lab Coordinator, Department of Geography, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio: 8/06 – 6/08
  • Freelance Writer, Halifax, Nova Scotia: 1/05 – 8/06
  • Pedicab Driver, Manhattan, New York: 6/04 – 8/04
  • Commercial Fisherman, Tarpon Springs, Florida: 9/03–12/03 & 3/04–5/04
  • Beekeeper, Hummingbird Village, Belize: 1/04 – 2/04
  • Sheep Herder, Helena National Forest, Montana: 6/03 – 8/03
  • Spanish Teacher, South Kent School, South Kent, Connecticut: 8/02 – 6/03
  • Legal Researcher, Early, Ludwick & Sweeney, LLC, New Haven, Connecticut: 1/01 – 9/01
  • Owner: The Ice Cream Man, Monroe, Connecticut: 5/00 – 10/00
  • Community Organizer, Peace Corps, Aleman Cue, Paraguay: 12/97 – 12/99
  • ESL Teacher, Centro Boliviano Americano, La Paz, Bolivia: 3/96 – 10/96
  • Trip Leader, Cerro Golondrinas Cloudforest Project, Moran, Ecuador: 1/96 – 2/96
  • Campaign Manager, Connecticut Public Interest Research Group, Storrs, Connecticut: 8/94 – 5/95
  • Legislative Intern, United States Senate, Washington, DC: 5/94 – 6/94
  • Legislative Intern, United States House of Representatives, Washington, DC: 7/94 – 8/94
  • Special Projects Intern, Department of Government Relations, UST, Inc., Greenwich, Connecticut: 5/93 – 8/93



  • LANGUAGES: English—Native; Spanish—Professional Working Proficiency; Guarani—Elementary Proficiency; Irish-Gaelic—Elementary Proficiency
  • TECHNOLOGIES: Educational: Smart Board, Blackboard, Angel, Power School, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, OneNote); Design & Cartography: Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat), ArcGIS 9.2, GPS; Audio/Video Production: Audacity, Movie Maker; Web & Social Networking: Word Press, Facebook




  • Spatial Theory (UNC)
  • Critical Cartography (Ohio)
  • Research and Writing (Ohio)
  • Social Geographies (Ohio)
  • Political Anthropology (Duke)
  • Technology and Democracy (UNC)
  • Resource Management (Ohio)
  • History and Philosophy of Geographic Thought (Ohio, UNC)
  • Observation and Interpretation of Religious Action (UNC)
  • Thought of Henri Lefebvre (Ohio, UNC)
  • Rhetoric, Space and Place (UNC)
  • Illuminated Manuscripts (UNC)



  • Cartographic Design (Ohio)
  • Field Methods (Ohio)
  • Qualitative Methods (Ohio)
  • Quantitative Methods (Ohio)
  • Research Design (UNC)
  • Flash Fiction (New School)
  • Creative Nonfiction: Essays (Duke University)
  • Creative Nonfiction: Essays (UNC at Greensboro)
  • Introduction to Documentary Arts (Duke University)



  • Community Development (Peace Corps)
  • Inquiry-Based Teaching for First Year Seminars (UNC )
  • Radio Broadcasting Workshop (Radio Fabrik)



  • Fox, Kevin S. Map of Yucatan Peninsula.  In Worley, Paul.  Telling and Being Told: Storytelling and Cultural Control in Contemporary Yucatec Maya Literatures.  Tuscon: University of Arizona Press.
  • Fox, Kevin S., Elizabeth Hennessy, Scott Kirsch, Lisa Marshall, Sara Safransky, Autumn Thoyre, and Jenna Tiitsman. Social and Cultural Geography Volume 11: 2010.  Book Review: Bruno Latour and Peter Weibel (eds), Making Things Public: Atmospheres of Democracy. 2005: ZKM and MIT Press.
  • Fox, Kevin S. Ohio University Free Speech Zones (Map). In Zick, Timothy.    Speech Out of Doors: Preserving First Amendment Liberties in Public Places.  New York: Cambridge University Press. 
  • Fox, Kevin S. Context Map showing Leh Town and Leh District (Map).  In Smith, Sara.    She says herself, “I have no future”’: love, fate and territory in Leh District, India.  Gender, Place and Culture: Vol. 18, No. 4, 455-476.



  • 2017 September 14 – Pecha Kucha Night™ Dar es Salaam Vol. 14, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Karibu Tanzania Geographical Imaginations 
  • 2017 April 29 – Pecha Kucha Night™ Solothurn Vol. 3, Solothurn, Switzerland, PKN Geographies
  • 2017 April 29 – Pecha Kucha Night™ Solothurn Vol. 3, Solothurn, Switzerland, The CAMINANTE Project
  • 2017 April 29 – Pecha Kucha Night™ Solothurn Vol. 3, Solothurn, Switzerland, Foot by Foot Along the Appalachians
  • 2017 March 16 – Pecha Kucha Night™ Salzburg Vol. 32, Salzburg, Austria, Geographies of Pecha Kucha Nights v.2
  • 2016 November 19 – Pecha Kucha Night™ Aalen Vol. 27, Aalen, Germany Geographies of Pecha Kucha Nights
  • 2016 June 10 – Pecha Kucha Night™ Detroit Vol. 28 (in conjunction with the 24th Annual Congress for New Urbanism), Detroit, Michigan, Imagining Detroit Geographies
  • 2016 March 31 – Pecha Kucha Night™ Katowice Vol. 15, Katowice, Poland, Footprinting America
  • 2016 March 28 – Pecha Kucha Night™ Bardejov Vol. 5, Bardejov, Slovak Republic, Making Public Geographies
  • 2016 March 10 – The Austro-American Society (Upper Austria), Linz, Austria,A Great American Pilgrimage: Five Months Along the Appalachian Trail
  • 2016 February 25 – Pecha Kucha Night™ Salzburg Vol. 28, Salzburg, Austria, The Salzburg Rhythmanalysis Project
  • 2016 February 5 – The Austro-American Society, Salzburg, Austria, The Appalachian Trail—A Great American Pilgrimage
  • 2015 November 14 – The Alpine Club, Vienna, Austria, The Appalachian Trail—A Great American Pilgrimage
  • 2015 October 29 – Pecha Kucha Night™ Salzburg Vol. 26, Salzburg, Austria, The CAMINANTE Project
  • 2015 May 8 – Pecha Kucha Night™ Lienz Vol. 3, Lienz, Austria, Foot by Foot Along the Appalachians
  • 2015 February 26 – Pecha Kucha Night™ Salzburg Vol. 24, Salzburg, Austria, Geographical Imaginations: Brief Expeditions into the Geographies of Everything and Nothing
  • 2014 December 11 – Pecha Kucha Night™ Salzburg Vol. 23, Salzburg, Austria, Appalachian Footraits 
  • 2014 July 12 – Centro de Interpretación El Molón, Camporrobles, España, Photo Exhibition and Presentation: Other Side(s) of AmericA: LA RUTA de LOS APALACHES
  • 2014 July 4 – Centro de Información y Educación Ambiental Dehesa de La Villa, Madrid, España, CUENTAVIAJES—América a Pie Sin Dejar Huella: Los Apalaches 
  • 2014 May 28 – Librería Desnivel, Madrid, España, América a Pie: Thru-Hiking La Ruta de Los Apalaches
  • 2014 May 8 – La Ciudad Invisible, Madrid, España, The People on the Other Side: América (a pie) por La Ruta de Los Apalaches
  • 2014 March 27 – Club Nemus, Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid) España, Thru-Hiking en Los Apalaches
  • 2012 April 13 – Dimensions of Political Ecology Conference, Lexington, KY, Kill or Be Killed: (Api)cultural Geographies of the Africanized Honey Bee
  • 2012 February 25 – AAG Annual Meeting, New York, New York, Keyword: Rhythmanalysis
  • 2011 February 19 – Florida Society of Geographers Annual Meeting, The Spirit of Place? Memorializing the Student Voice on the College Campus
  • 2010 March 4 UNC Department of Geography. The Global Flows through the Local Even When the Bridge is Out: Reflections on Doing Peace Corps in Rural Paraguay
  • 2009 March 19 – UNC Department of Geography. Tobacco Road or Tobacco Valley: The Cultural Landscape of College Basketball
  • 2008 October 2 – UNC Department of Geography. Coded Spaces, Coded Landscapes: Is Tobacco Road in Connecticut?
  • 2008 May 16 –Ohio University History Graduate Student Association, Athens Geographic Expedition Report No. 3 – A Short Geographical Biography of Ohio University’s College Green 
  • 2008 May 14 – Ohio University Research and Creativity Fair. Athens Geographic Expedition Report No. 2- A [People’s] History of College Green
  • 2008 April 18 – AAG Annual Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts.  “Go Back, You Didn’t Say May I” – Rabble Rousers and Free Speech Zones on Ohio University’s College Green
  • 2008 April 11 – Ohio University Department of Geography. “Go Back, You Didn’t Say May I” – Rabble Rousers and Free Speech Zones on Ohio University’s College Green
  • 2008 January 16 – Ohio University School of Telecommunications: Telecommunications Law and Regulations. Legal Exclusion of the Public Voice on Ohio University’s College Green
  • 2007 October 4-6 – 14th Annual mini Conference on Critical Geography, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, The Contested Space of a Symbolic Place – Ohio University’s College Green and the Zoning of Speech
  • 2007 May 3 – Ohio University Research and Creativity Fair, What is the Center of Campus? An analysis of functional and symbolic centers
  • 2007 May 3 – Ohio University Research and Creativity Fair, Mapping the Housatonic: A First Run
  • 2006 October 18-21 – NACIS (North American Cartographic Information Society) Annual Conference, Madison, Wisconsin, Mapping the Housatonic: A First Run



  • 2013 – 2,000 Miler Award (for completion of a thru-hike along the Appalachian Trail), Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Harper’s Ferry, WV
  • 2009 – U.S. Department of Education’s Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Summer Intensive Language Study Fellowship for Irish-Gaelic
  • 2007-2008 – Friends of the Library Graduate Award (for researchers who made the best use of the library for their research projects) Ohio University, Athens, OH
  • 2005-2006 – Benoit Ouellette Memorial Prize for excellence in Cartography, Department of Geography, St, Mary’s University, Halifax, NS Canada



  • Association of American Geographers (AAG)
  • Gamma Theta Upsilon (GTU)
  • Walking Artists Network



Updated January 2018