Presentations: Making Geographies Public

The Great American Pilgrimage is in many ways a public geography project because its post-walk goal has been to engage a wider audience in discussions about the Appalachian Trail within a context of cross-cultural exchange.  Below you will find information about past and future presentations.  Contact us if you would like to book a talk and discussion for your group or organization.

Foot by Foot Along the Appalachians

Pecha Kucha Night™ Solothurn Vol. 3 Solothurn, Switzerland  |  29 April 2017

Footprinting America

Pecha Kucha Night™ Katowice Vol. 15 Katowice, Poland  |  31 March 2016  

A Great American Pilgrimage: Five Months along the Appalachian Trail

Austro American Society – Upper Austria Linz, Austria  |  10 March 2016

The Appalachian Trail: A Great American Cultural Pilgrimage (Musical accompaniment by Martin Langer)

Austro American Society Salzburg Salzburg, Austria  |  5 February 2016

The Appalachian Trail: A Great American Pilgrimage

The Alpine Club Vienna, Austria  |  14 November 2015

Foot by Foot Along The Appalachians

Pecha Kucha Night™ Lienz Vol. 3 Lienz, Austria   |   8 May 2015

Appalachian Footraits

Pecha Kucha Night™ Salzburg Vol. 23 @ ARGE Kultur Salzburg, Austria   |   11 December 2014

Other Side(s) of AmericA: LA RUTA de LOS APALACHES

Centro de Interpretación El Molón Camporrobles (Valencia), Spain   |   12 July 2014

CUENTAVIAJES—América a Pie Sin Dejar Huella: Los Apalaches

Centro de Información y Educación Ambiental Dehesa de La Villa Madrid, Spain   |   4 July 2014

América a Pie: Thru-Hiking La Ruta de Los Apalaches

Librería Desnivel Madrid, Spain   |   28 May 2014

The People on the Other Side: América (a pie) por La Ruta de Los Apalaches

La Ciudad Invisible Madrid, Spain   |   8 May 2014

Thru-Hiking en Los Apalaches

Club Nemus Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid) Spain   |   27 March 2014